The Costs of Keeping a Horse

There are many costs associated with keeping horses and these will vary depending where you keep your horse and what sort of riding or eventing you will be doing. When buying a horse it is important to get a comprehensive vet check before buying. This will cost you around $ 120.00. minimum . Vaccination will cost more again as will worming the horse and having the feet trimmed or shod.

Please dont forget that all these prices are estimates to give you a rough idea of what u will be up for.

FEET : A horses feet need to be seen by a farrier every 6-8 weeks and this will cost around $40 – $50 for a trim and between $80 – $100 for the horse to have shoes.

WORMING : You can do it yourself … buying the tube of wormer could be the easy bit !!.. ~about $15 – 25 and how often you do this will depend on the health of the horse and the paddock you are keeping him in. If your horse needs a rug in winter this will cost you $120 minimum and up to $300. for a better quality item. If you need to buy brushes halters bridles saddle cloths and saddles you need to allow an additional $500 – $800. dollars depending on your needs and whether you purchase second hand gear. It is better to purchase a good quality second hand saddle than to buy a cheap new saddle. Bear in mind that whichever saddle you buy it is essential that it fits the horse well. An ill-fitting saddle can lead to injuries and behavioral problems.

If you are keeping the horse on your property, then there will be no agistment costs but keep in mind the quality and quantity of your pasture. If you do need to feed your horse daily this can cost up to $50.00 per week just for good quality pasture hay. If you’re working your horse then he may need hard feeding as well as pasture hay and this will cost more again.

If you plan to agist your horse the cost can vary from $20.00 per week for a paddock shared with other horses, where the pasture maybe sour, worm ridden and you will need to attend to your horse each day to feed him. Alternatively you may be asked to pay more for an individual paddock. The agistment park may feed your horse hay or hard feed but this usually costs extra.

So you’ve paid for your new horse now you must get him home. You’ve spent 140 with the vet then you have to hire a float at 40-60 dollars to get the horse home and his feet need a trim @ 50 and he needs to be vaccinated and wormed.So far you’ve spent a minimum of $250.00 not including the price of the horse. Horses can be expensive to keep but keeping your horse healthy and his paddock safe is the best insurance against illness and injury.

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